Smart cities

A city will be as clever as its citizens are. From the concept of Smart City, we have realised that the real challenge is getting Smart Citizens. And in order to achieve that goal, in Barkeno we help organisations to design and implement technological, urban and social strategies that focus on the citizens and their capacities to create and innovate. Power to citizens.

imagen_02Modern cities are no longer only cities. They are dense networks of people, data, infrastructures and opportunities. The more innovative, competitive and attractive a city is, the denser these networks are. And the way to achieve this is offering better quality of life, with usable services that are focused on the citizens and are based on the available resources.

The Smart Cities have shown that it is not only a matter of deploying sensors and collecting citizens’ big data. It’s not just a matter of adding “intelligence” to the already existing services, but it’s a matter of inventing new ones. Social innovation must be boosted through technological strategies that are focused on the citizens. A smart city is an innovative city. And vice versa.

We have moved from a “classic” concept of Smart City where citizens are passive objects that must be managed and their data collected, to a much more innovative model: the concept of Smart Citizen places citizens at the centre of the activity generated in the city and transforms them into human “sensors”.

In Barkeno we work with city councils, local organisations, technological centres and companies in order to conceptualise new services and rethink the already existing ones in terms of “smart”. Together we will improve cities’ quality of life and their innovative potential, with the aim of achieving fairer and more empowered societies.

Shall we try?

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