ICT in education

Education is one of the fields where both technological and social innovation have greater potential and are better mixed. There is certainly not a more fruitful social space where the interaction between ICT and people gives more creative and valuable returns. In Barkeno we have spent years designing and executing projects that improve the education processes and the students’ potential for learning through the addition of the right technology.

imagen_03As Derek Bok said: “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. This could not be more true. Education is the safest investment for any society. Nowadays, investing in education implies investing in educational technology. Both, to improve the trainers’ skills and the students’ potential.

In Barkeno we have taken part in many projects of educational innovation and addition of technology to the education processes. We have designed several projects to test and exploit the technological innovation and the ICTs in schools.

We assist in the development of collaborative projects between technological companies and the education sector in order to boost digital literacy and the creation of entrepreneurial citizens that are curious and technologically capable. Through innovation in schools and the right technologies, in Barkeno we help create the digital citizens that our societies will need.

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